Fine ART

Some sketches for my upcoming Paintings

As you know I aim to return to painting for 2013. I have started sketching ideas for my upcoming Paintings. My first subject matter is going to be on Slavery, from historical to contemporary  Slavery.

Below is my first two sketches for this theme. Hope you like them 🙂 Media is mixed but primarily Pastels and Chalk:




Auntie Pam’s Grandchildren 041112

Finally finished my latest drawing of my Auntie Pam’s Grandchildren. This was quite a tough piece to draw, having five subjects and the source material was smaller than I am used too (because of five people). To make the faces in the drawing bigger I had to re-arrange the composition they will fit better on one page. The photo originally was full bodied with the subjects in a line. Was good practice and fun to draw 🙂

Auntie Pam's Grandchildren 041211