Auntie Pam’s Grandchildren 041112

Finally finished my latest drawing of my Auntie Pam’s Grandchildren. This was quite a tough piece to draw, having five subjects and the source material was smaller than I am used too (because of five people). To make the faces in the drawing bigger I had to re-arrange the composition they will fit better on one page. The photo originally was full bodied with the subjects in a line. Was good practice and fun to draw 🙂

Auntie Pam's Grandchildren 041211


William Hazzard – my Nephew :)

js57_william-hazzard-090712Decided it was time to move back to drawing family and friends. Feel I have improved somewhat enough to draw them with blending stumps and not make them look too old!

I have signed and dated this one, however I am not calling it finished just yet, might change a thing or two or might not lol – need to look at it a short time.

Graphite Pencils 2H – 6B
Blending Stump
Cotton Buds
Eraser & Kneadable Eraser



Rascal Flatts – @ request

js57_rascal-flatts-290612An old friend of mine back from school day’s whom I have not spoken to in years saw some of my work on Facebook.

He runs an Country Music website that is about promoting Country Music in the UK.

He asked me to draw him a picture of the ‘Rascal Flatts’ who are a successful band in the USA, to promote them coming over to the UK and do a tour. This will also be used for a prize in a competition.

So as my next project I agreed to do this. This new drawing would be pushing my limits even further than Blake Lively and Leighton Meester has. The band members total THREE – so thats three faces, clothing, hair, and hands etc to draw.

I chose my picture carefully after failing on the first attempt (photo had not enough detail). But second attempt I feel came out very well 🙂

See results below.

Faber Castell Pencils 2H – 6B
Kneedable Eraser
Blending Stumps
Cotton Buds




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