Rascal Flatts – @ request

js57_rascal-flatts-290612An old friend of mine back from school day’s whom I have not spoken to in years saw some of my work on Facebook.

He runs an Country Music website that is about promoting Country Music in the UK. http://www.ukcountrymusic.net/

He asked me to draw him a picture of the ‘Rascal Flatts’ who are a successful band in the USA, to promote them coming over to the UK and do a tour. This will also be used for a prize in a competition.

So as my next project I agreed to do this. This new drawing would be pushing my limits even further than Blake Lively and Leighton Meester has. The band members total THREE – so thats three faces, clothing, hair, and hands etc to draw.

I chose my picture carefully after failing on the first attempt (photo had not enough detail). But second attempt I feel came out very well 🙂

See results below.

Faber Castell Pencils 2H – 6B
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Cotton Buds