Reece & Louis Davey – WIP2

Very little progress – I turned my lighting on which I use to reduce shadows when drawing and my bulb would simply not turn on – further investigation found that probably the bulb is dead.,…

I tried to continue and draw but without this lighting shadows are a real bugger.. seriously my lighting is diabolical in my room, and it is not an exaggeration, lighting that enters my room is the worst I have ever experienced, I have to work with 3 different lighting sources because the bedroom lighting is in totally the wrong position, and even then it is difficult.

I had to stop drawing and am gutted that I need to try and purchase a better solution. Anyway this is what I achieved before I just quit on bothering.


Reece and Louis Davey – WIP

This is my latest WIP – Template now drawn up.

I will not be doing many more drawing as I have a calling to start painting! – so just trying to get my last few long awaited requests done. (not saying I wont be taking requests but that I wont be so focused exclusively on drawing).

This is Reece and Louis Davey. My Second Cousins.