Latest Works

William Coloured in Photoshop

This is my Drawing of William created in JULY 2012. I decided to have a bash at this colouring in photoshop that many people do. Never done it before so this is really a first attempt! – I am a bit familiar with editing software (GIMP anyway) so I was not entirely clueless – hope you like it, I am fairly happy as a first attempt πŸ™‚



I seriously was not happy with the hair, so I changed it, hope this is more like it πŸ™‚



A Trip to Gosport (view of Portsmouth)

One evening I decided I wanted to do some photography of Spinnaker Tower, but where to get a Good view from? – Gosport was the best choice.

I had a new DSLR and wanted to do it at night when the tower is lit up in colours. I went with my parents and took my tripod. I am not a specialist with photography just a amateur, so feel these came out quite good:


The first one is actually a photo at the Spinnaker actually in Portsmouth, the second one is from Gosport πŸ™‚

Hope you like them πŸ™‚


A Trip to ‘Isle of Wight’

Just a small selection of some photo’s taken at the ‘Isle of Wight’ of Fawly Oil Refinery πŸ™‚

Thought these images came out quite stunning! and what I like about the Fawley Oil Refinery photo’s is I did some INK drawings many years ago of this place at sunset πŸ™‚ HERE


The Tigers were from the Tiger Sanctuary on Isle of Wight – taken through plastic windows.

Hope you like them πŸ™‚


A sad story – my latest work

js57_auntie-diane-uncle-clive-010812So I have not been so active drawing recently. Got tied up in other things, and some sad things have been happening with family. But it is these sad events that got me active to do a new drawing.

Sad story, a while ago my Auntie had a vicious stroke. It has left her half paralysed and she can not move about, or see properly. Also has issues with talking and all confused. Anyway it was such a bad one, 6 months later she is not much different.

If this was not bad enough, her husband, who quit work to look after her ended up in hospital, he was told previously he had gorestones, but he was rushed in and turned out he had advanced bowl cancer, he has not long left on this earthly plane πŸ™

I felt I needed to do something nice for them both, all I could think to offer is a nice drawing of them both on there wedding day and to do it quickly so they can both see it. I tried some new paper for this drawing and the source material was quite small and old, but this is what I done:


This was from a rather small old photo which I scanned in and cropped, the photo was textured which the scanner picked up which did not help, so the detail in this drawing is not as thorough but I think it turned out ok, tried some new paper on this one which I am undecided about, need to find the right paper for me.

Graphite Pencils HB – 6B
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Cotton Buds
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