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Rascal Flatts for ukcountrymusic.net
Just a massive thank you to @leondavey44 for an amazing Rascal Flatts artwork! What an amazing artist? and a great gift for me 🙂 This is the image if you havent seen it?! Amazing huh?? http://www.leondavey.co.uk/blog/2012/08/19/rascal-flatts-request/
Chris Bloy - United Kingdom
William Hazzard
Can't believe it. Amazing. how can you draw so good. Thanks 🙂 That is excellent. It looks so real 🙂 http://www.leondavey.co.uk/blog/2012/08/19/william-hazzard-my-nephew/
William Hazzard - United Kingdom
Brian Hazzard
Brilliant. You have true talent. thank you. http://www.leondavey.co.uk/blog/2012/08/19/so-i-am-returning-to-art/
Brian Hazzard - United Kingdom

  • Mandy

    I love it, thank you so much.

    • leondavey

      No problem! 🙂 it was a pleasure drawing it for you 🙂